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Student Cap Vasa Nation Student Cap Vasa Nation Student Cap Vasa Nation

Student Cap Vasa Nation


Classic Finish-Swedish student cap with high-quality cotton velvet, repels water and dirt.

The Finnish-Swedish student cap is slightly higher than the basic cap.

The brim and sweat band of the student cap are made of recycled leather.

The cap has a 22mm gilded lyre and Vasa nation -satin lining.

Delivery in a stylish gift box.

Designed in Finland. Handmade.

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Stic-on name lables 3.90€

Black sticker with gold text. Attaches to a black sweatband. The label has space for 80 characters.

Decoration band 5.90€

The decorative ribbon is a thin ribbon that is attached to the border of the white velvet of the cap.

Cap lining 10.00€

When you want to change the cap lining, please choose from the options

Finland lining

Cap cockade 1.00€

When you want to change the lyre/cockarde mentioned in the product information, choose from the options. Read more: Cockades and lyres for the different educational fields

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