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Most Asked Questions 

On this page you will find the most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question here, please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I find a cap that matches my education?

From the front page, you can select the category Student caps or Graduation caps. A separate search function opens in the Graduation caps section, which allows you to search for your own degree cap by either professional or degree title.

What is a double degree?

A double degree means that the student completes studies in both vocational education and a matriculation examination.

What is a triple degree?

A triple degree means having completed a vocational education, taken matriculation examination and completed the entire general upper secondary school syllabus.

How to Measure Hat or Cap Size?

What is the right size for a cap or hat? The circumference of the head determines the size of the hat. If the circumference measurement is 58,5cm, choose size 59. The best way to measure the circumference of the head is to use a soft, flexible, non-stretchable measuring tape. 

To ensure you measure the circumference of your head correctly, the tape measure needs to be over the middle of your forehead, just above your ears and sit midway at the back of your head. Do not pull the tape too tightly.  If you find yourself in-between two sizes go for the bigger one. Check guide video!

How to order a double or triple degree cap?

From the selection of graduation caps, first choose your vocational graduation cap or go directly to the category Double exam. 

Salon® double exam caps has a black border color, 16mm gold-plated lyre and the official AMK2000® degree color ribbon of your own profession. Salon® double exam caps combines both degrees a matriculation examination and your own vocational examination. 

You can choose visor for your double exam cap or you can choose a classic Finnish-Swedish model. On the product page, select the cap option and size for your cap. If you want to make additional personal choices for your cap, you can do it the same product page (scroll down). Add additional choices and go to the shopping cart. Now you are ready to complete your order.

Have you graduated from a triple degree? Follow the instructions above and choose a double degree cap.

What kind of cockade or lyre includes in my cap?

All graduation caps comes with a standard gold-plated lyre or cockade, depending on the degree.

Cockades and lyres for the different educational fields: 

    • A = Vocational degree
    • Y = Swedish vocational degree
    • MERCURIUS = Vocational degree in business and administration
    • HEART = Vocational degree in health and welfare
    • STAR OF LIFE = symbol of Emergency Practical Nurse and First Aid Nurse
    • AMK = Bachelor's degree from the University of Applied Sciences
    • YAMK= Master´s degree from the University of Applied Sciences
    • YO LYYRA = Matriculation examination
    • IB LYYRA = International Baccalaureate

    Why do some caps look different with different manufacturers? What is the difference between these?

    Salon graduation cap selection covers more than 400 degree diplomas targeted and color-coded for official degree titles. At Salon, caps are part of the AMK 2000® trademark and the Design from Finland brand.

    The AMK 2000® trademark defines the color coding of graduation caps, which covers all undergraduate, high school, vocational, and specialist vocational degrees, as well as bachelor's and YAMK degrees. Color coding is only possible in Salon® graduation caps. 

    General professional caps as well as other degree-specific caps are available on the market from different manufacturers. It is possible for the customer to make their own choice between the different caps on the market.