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Associations, educational institutions, groups of colleagues and friends – anyone can place a group order!

Many of our customers group up to order products. Our new Group order feature makes ordering even easier, with several payment options available. Choose the most suitable option for you and enjoy the benefits and convenience of a group order.

What is a group order?

As its name suggests, a group order is when several people place their orders together as a single group order. Group orders can be placed by anyone who wants to organize a group order and take advantage of the benefits. Group orders are excellent for associations, school classes, educational institutions, and groups of colleagues, for example. Group orders can be placed independently online or via a contact person at a workplace or educational institution, among others.

Why order as a group?

Ordering as a group significantly reduces delivery costs, and everyone can enjoy the benefits of ordering and current campaigns. Depending on the order payment method, your group will save significantly on the total order amount, or receive other benefits. Group orders are also an eco-friendly option as they reduce the carbon footprint generated by order packing and delivery.

How does a group order work?

Group orders always require a contact person who is responsible for organizing the order.