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Salon® and sustainable

We are committed to saving natural resources. We have been granted an EcoCompass Certificate.

For us, environmental responsibility means concrete actions in our own operations. We are committed to saving natural resources and increasing the positive impact on the environment. As a proof of this, we have been awarded the EcoCompass Certificate.


Sustainability promise

"Sustainability is the basis of Salon Lakkitehdas Oy's everyday approach. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact with the principle of constant improvement. Sustainability is part of our entire business. With our own choices and actions, we have a positive impact on the environment. We communicate about our operations and goals transparently and truthful." 


We are bound to follow the Ekokompasen's criteria and reduce environmental consequences. With the help of the system, we have identified the highest area that affects the environment, in our company.

Product design

Salon® products are designed in Finland. The basis of product design is permanence, timelessness and splendor. The properties of the products are planned user and needs as starting points, taking into account the weather and these requirements.


Material use

We reduce the use of materials that burden the environment in our collections. Transparently tells the materials and their amount used in our collections. In addition, we calculate the carbon footprint of materials used in collections. With the help of the carbon footprint calculation, we understand emissions better and can actively work towards carbon neutrality.



We sort out and communicate transparently our environmental consequences in our logistics. Logistics includes import freight, domestic and foreign distribution, freight to consumers and retailers. We monitor our transport and take the necessary measures to reduce them.

Sustainability guides our path.

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