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Double exam cap, Sports Instruction Double exam cap, Sports Instruction Double exam cap, Sports Instruction

Double exam cap, Sports Instruction

Gymnasium: Matriculation examination
Tittle: Sports Assistant
Examination: Vocational Qualification in Sports Instruction
Double and triple degree Read more

Double exam cap made of high-quality cotton velveteen with Teflon®.
Easy to keep clean, repels water and dirt.
The cap has a 16mm gold-plated lyra and Finnish blue white- lining. You can choose a shiny brim or a brim with sewn edge.
If you choose Finnish-Swedish cap contains a 22 mm gold-plated lyre.
Comes in a gift package.

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Additional options

Stic-on name lables 3.90€

Black sticker with gold text. Attaches to a black sweatband. The label has space for 80 characters.

Decoration band 5.90€

The decorative ribbon is a thin ribbon that is attached to the border of the white velvet of the cap.

Embroidery 15.90€

The text is embroidered on the front on both sides of the lyre/cockade or on the back of the cap. You can embroider with threads in gold, silver or black.

Please note! The embroidered professional ribbons rise to the top of the cap. Info: Classic and unique

Tekstin väri
Tekstin tyyli
Cap lining 10.00€

When you want to change the cap lining, please choose from the options

Green lining
Baby blue lining
Pink lining
Black lining
Gold lining
Silver lining
Pride lining
Åbo Nation lining
Åbo Akademi lining
Vasa Nation lining
Nylands Nation lining
Southern Finland lining
Etelä-Pohjanmaa lining
Etelä-Pohjanmaa lining
Varsinais-Suomi lining
Middle Finland lining
Savo lining
Kymenlaakso lining
Häme lining
Karelia lining
Satakunta lining
Vyborg lining
Åland lining
Sweden lining

Cap cockade 1.00€ - 14.90€

When you want to change the lyre/cockard mentioned in the product information, choose from the options.
Cockades and lyres for the different educational fields:

  • A = Vocational degree
  • Y = Swedish vocational degree
  • MERCURIUS = Vocational degree in business and administration
  • HEART =Vocational degree in health and welfare
  • AMK = Bachelor's degree from the University of Applied Sciences
  • YAMK= Master´s degree from the University of Applied Sciences
  • YO LYYRA = Matriculation examination
  • IB LYYRA = International Baccalaureate
Cockade A 16mm Silver
Cockade Y 16mm Silver
Cockade Heart 16mm Silver
Cockade Mercurius 16mm Silver
Lyre SSG 16mm Silver
Lyre IB 16mm Silver
Lyre SSG 22mm Gold
Lyre IB 16mm Gold
Cockade A 16mm Gold
Cockade Y 16mm Gold
Cockade Mercurius 16 mm Gold
Cockade Heart 16mm Gold