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Merkonom Cap

Merkonom Cap

69.50 EUR


Tittle: Merkonom
Examination: Vocational Qualification in Business

Official cap for vocational graduates with a Finnish blue & white -lining!

A 16 mm gold-plated Mercurius cockade and a sewn edge on the brim

Made of high-quality cotton velveteen

Genuine leather sweatband

Comes in a gift package

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You can make additional choices if you want to change the product lining

We deliver hats for both graduates from vocational schools and general upper secondary schools (lukio) with the traditional ”blue & white”-lining which has colors from the Finnish flag.

You can also choose from our wide range of different linings to make your hat unique and festive!

Options for the linings are traditional regional- and student nation colors as well as solid-colored, shining satin linings in pink, silver, gold and black.

Baby blue lining
Pink lining
Black lining
Gold lining
Silver lining
Pride lining
TPS lining
VaLePa lining
Unathletic Monkeys lining
Vammalan lukio logo lining
Åbo Nation lining
Åbo Akademi lining
Vasa Nation lining
Nylandsnation lining
Southern Finland lining
Etelä-Pohjanmaa lining
Pohjois-Pohjanmaa lining
Southwest Finland lining
Middle Finland lining
Savo lining
Kymenlaakso lining
Häme lining
Karelia lining
Satakunta lining
Vyborg lining
Åland lining
Sweden lining
Finland lining

Cap cockade

You can make additional choices if you want to change the cap cocade or lyra
All vocational – and general upper secondary school (lukio) graduate hats come with a gold-plated lyra or cockade.
You can choose between a wide range of lyras and cockades to make your hat even more festive and unique!

Kockade A Silver 16mm
Kockarde Y Silver 16mm
Cockade Heart 16mm Silver
Cockade Mercurius Silver 16mm
Lyre SSG 16mm Silver
Lyre IB 16 mm Silver
Lyre SSG 22mm Gold
Lyre SSG 16mm Gold
Lyre IB 16 mm Gold
Kockarde Gold A
Kockade Y 16mm Gold
Kockarde Gold Mercurius
Cockarde Gold Heart
Kockarde Gold AMK
Kockarde Gold YAMK
Kockarde Gold Technical
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