Personal Data Act (523/99) in accordance with ยง 10 register

  • 1. Registry Administrator:
  • R.K.Salon LAkkitehdas OY(ltd) , Puistokatu 1, 38200 Sastamala, Finland

  • 2. The person responsible for the maintenance register: Reima Salo, p. (03) 512 9000 ,
  • E-mail:

  • 3. The Name of the Register:
  • R.K. Salon Lakkitehdas ltd. ’s online customer database

  • 4. Purpose of processing personal data
  • Customer Data is used
    web service for user authentication and purchase transactions to record and management.

  • 5. Register: If you wish to register as a customer,
    register stored in the user authentication for the client’s name, user
    and e-mail address, contact information and purchase history.
    Your credit card, bank account, or similar information is not stored.

  • 6. Sources of Information: Web service client’s self-entered information.

  • 7. Regular transfer of data and information transfer of the EU or Outside the EEA:
    Information is not disclosed to third parties.
    RK Salon Lakkitehdas Ltd’s customer information is confidential.

  • 8. The contents of the: R. K. Salon Lakkitehdas Ltd.’s online store
    All communications from the customer e-commerce and the opposite to be protected
    with 128-bit encryption. We focus on customer privacy and
    our reliability guarantee of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.
    Address at the beginning with the letters https, this would constitute a secure connection
    The register is available using a Web browser, and database information can be applied only
    person with the database access code and password.
    The database file can not be passed from the server to an individual workstation
    directly from a web browser because of the database file location,
    which is not in the public directory.
    Customer needs to be careful when using e-commerce.

  • 9. The registry data storage, archiving and disposal:
    Customer information deleted from the register after the end of the customer relationship or customer’s request.

  • 10. Information to data subjects:
    The system data file can be viewed at

  • 11. The right of inspection:
    The registered administrator can view the register on the data at

  • 12. Data Correction:
    Customers can self-correct their data at or request the responsible person to correct it.