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Congratulations, you have completed your education!
R. K. Salon Lakkitehdas produces the official graduation caps with decades of experience. Our range includes both traditional Student caps as graduation caps for profession and also graduating from University of Applied Sciences. Graduation cap is a sign and a memorial to the fact that you have been committed to your education and passed it to the end. We also provide other accessories, such as the mother’s lyres.
The official graduation caps are following the exact, agreed color code. R.K. Salon Lakkitehdas is manufacturing graduation caps for all educational sectors. For example students qualification for profession as for primary and dual-degree students as well as for students who has completed University of Applied Sciences. If you can not find your graduation cap from our products, please contact us. We will update your cap in the highest priority in our catalog!


Design yourself using your own texts MERKONOM, PRACTICAL NURSE, SSG-GRADUATION etc ...

You can use your own external texts in your graduation cap
A little longer delivery time (minimum one week)
Use the graduation caps on our website as a template
Prepaid payment method Paytrail (all banks) or PayPal, as it is a subscription product
The separate name ribbon is placed on the hat's edge
and it is easy to remove!
Now you can order afterwards the separate name ribbon for your old studentcap!
Renew the outlook of your hat without permanent change!
Search below from the list of your graduation cap. Click on the name of the cap and get closer information about the product, or a cap picture to enlarge.
If you can not find your cap, then give a search term in the Search field above. Enter a cap, or indicating a corresponding training program by keyword (short even part of it enough). E.g. merko, Electr, or Prac etc., and then press the magnifying glass.
Of course you can also use the menu in the header part of this page to find your field of study.

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