What is double examination?

  • Double-graduates are studying the same vocational subjects than the classmates who are just studying vocational qualification. In addition, they complete high school curriculum amounts in the native language, English, Swedish and mathematics (short or long), a total of about 30 courses. Performed high school courses are counted toward the professional qualification requirements and those high school courses which excess the basic requirements are also calculated to so-called Optional Studies.
  • What is triple examination?

  • Triple-degree students complete a vocational qualification, complete course of the high school (at least 75 courses) and the matriculation examination.


  • We have made more simple to find your graduation cap!

    Now the examination can be selected as follows:
    First by selecting from GRADUATION CAPS find a cap responding your examination or occupational title.
    Alternatively you can use the FIND field for seeking your cap.( e.g. Practical Nurse Cap)
    From the products page you can find the point "Choose the Examination".
    There are three different options:
    - Basic Examination
    - Double Examination, and
    - Triple Examination (complete course)

    The picture of the product will change to respond yours selection.

    I already have a secondary school graduate cap?

  • If You already have a secondary school graduate cap so you can order only the ribbon set(,or ribbon set with tassel) from the products page.
  • - Choose first on the products page the "Examination".
      The picture of the cap will be changed to correspond of the choosen examination.
    - Choose then check box "Only The Band and Cockade(Without The Hat)".
      Now the order only applies to this "do it yourself kit".

  • If You attach any difficulties in sewing the strips and tassel in your cap , so you can send your graduation cap to us. We make your hat ready for You without extra charge and deliver it back to you.
  • Shipping costs us you pay yourself and shipping back already included in the total sum.
  • If you’re about to deliver your hat to us, so please remember to mention it in the order you perform in the " Add a free-form text, etc ...".In this case, we can expect the arrival of your hat. Otherwise, we supply a kit to you normally.
  • If you can’t find your double degree cap from our online store, please contact us. We will update your hat as soon as possible in our range.